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Debugging HTML / CSS layout on an iPad

  • Posted on 28th October 2014,
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In creating a new store locator for Dairy Queen, my layouts were working well on all the supported browsers. On iPad, the layout works 99% but had some pixel discrepancies on a couple of elements. I found this article by Lorenzo Orlando Caum on debugging layouts in with FireBug Lite very helpful.

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Allow the browser to control the scrollbars in SharePoint 2010 (increasing browser support) when using v4.master.

This article explains how to give scroll-control to the browser instead of objects on the page (through div overflows). Why would you want this? Well, for 2 reasons: Increase browser support, and allow mobile users to view full pages in SharePoint (specifically – the browser on Android has problems rendering overflow controls).

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Hiding SharePoint content from anonymous users in public websites (and still keep the functionality intact for logged-in users)

Building a SharePoint site to be fully functional in an authenticated view vs. what the public sees is actually fairly simple. This article covers how to remove the Site Actions menu and Browse bar from SharePoint only for Anonymous view, while keeping all the SharePoint functionality in play.

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